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After school care - day nursery at Neighbourhood school | One ESC place (one year)

Description & tasks

The Initiative Neighbourhood School Leipzig e.V. is the founder of the Neighbourhood School (NaSch). Today, we - parents, teachers, educators and sponsors - continue to be an important and indispensable member of the NaSch family as a non-profit organization for the after school care centre and nursery. Since the beginning of 1999, the community of the neighbourhood school has been in free ownership of the initiative "Nachbarschaftsschule Leipzig e.V". The idea of a kindergarten was developed in 2002 with the decision of the association to take over Odermann houses and expand it for the after school care centre. A concept for the nursery was developed on the basis of the mission and the pedagogical concept of the NaSch and the after school care centre and the nursery was founded in August 2008. Since then, it has been located on the ground floor of the Odermann houses.

Teachers and parents founded the NaSch with the idea of creating a school, which opens up inside and outside. We support the individual strengths and talents of the pupils as well as possible. To realize this, we use approved reform-educational forms of organization and methods. Within the educational and educational mission, it is particularly important for us to develop values and to live them - values such as the joy of learning, democracy and conflict management, freedom from violence and a willingness to take responsibility for themselves and others. The NaSch community sees itself as a part and model of a democratic society. Our school is a place of social learning, firmly anchored in the Leipzig district of Lindenau. School, nursery, after school care centre and neighbourhood are partners who work together transparently and for mutual benefit. The volunteers will not work in the school, they are in the after school care / day nursery.

Volunteers will get involved in the day nursery (after school class 1 - 6). Tasks are:

  • Accompanying the children and help in regular offers in kindergarten and nursery in a fixed group
  • Playing games, doing handicrafts etc. with the kids
  • Participation in the free weekly group hour (nursers) or the morning circle (kindergarten), accompanying children at meals
  • Accompaniment and participation in excursions and holiday offers
  • Implementation of projects in which the children get an insight into the home country of the volunteers and/or on the subject of Europe, languages (we have a focus on French)
  • In addition, there will be several project days for all ESC volunteers.

Selection criteria & process

The volunteer should enjoy working with children, be open-minded and interested in free/progressive/ reform pedagogy. A basic knowledge of German is a plus. A plus is as well if the volunteer speaks French because of the bilingual profile. Further requirements: age 18-26 years, COVID & measles vaccination

Actually we cannot consider applicants from countries that require Visa.

To apply, please complete the online questionnaire you find here:

Online application form

We collect all applications until the deadline May 22nd, then all applications that are complete will be forwarded to the responsible for the hosting organization who decide about the candidate. The selection process takes 1-2 months.

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